Sulking in His Cage


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My unnamed Nosy Be was darkish this morning so I checked the temps in his cage and they were fine. I took him out and put him on a ficus tree by my desk. He is much lighter now and checking out the tree. Sorry the picture is so bad and his colors got washed out.
Outside of his cage

A photo would help


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what size is his cage?

my new baby does the exact same thing; no matter what the temps/etc are, he hates his cage (although, in my case i know it is too small for him and this is causing his stress). Perhaps yours is also too small?
That's smaller than most would recommend, but I know of one respected chameleon expert who keep male veileds in cages that size. One thing you might try is draping or otherwise "blocking the view" on 3 sides. I guess that gives them less to worry about when they know their movements are restricted or something like that. I know that is what I read worked.

Or, you could get a bigger cage.
well if he is ok now, he was probably just cold.

going dark can be a sign of being stressed, but it can also be a sign of being cold. they darken up to lose less heat (black absorbs all waves of light; white reflects them...remember physics 101 :p)
I think he was cold. I took the temps in his cage and adjusted his basking area so it's warmer. I also covered his cage on 3 sides.
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