Such a party pooper


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Diezel was a really nice tempered veiled but id say in the last week has turned into a devil. i cant stick my hand in the cage to water his plants anymore. he will climb across the cage to lunge at me and its got me worried he gets all black dots on him anytime even if i cave crickets to put in the cage he gets mad that im holding them. is this a problem or just a vert territorial chameleon?
Adolescent stage. He will, unless some life changing event occured that made him hate you, return to normal at ~10 months. Then again, he could hate the world.
I would not worry about it Deizel. Sounds healthy enough. I have a female that does the same thing. The tricky part with her is sometimes she does and other times she does not seem to mind my presence. Got to stay on your toes when you clean the cage. She likes to retreat into the thick vegatation where you can not see her. Never know if your gonna get it or not. Kind of adds some excitement to owning a chameleon I think. :)
yeah its kinda funny because sometimes he comes to me and other times he hinds in branches and other times he is stubborn and wont move for anything... he has one of those i do what i want when i want personality's but hes still a good boy
my cham is the same at first she was tame now if my hand goes close to her she is a demon will she allways hate me
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