Stud is a dud


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Alright, here's my dilemma. My Female Veiled Cham is finally receptive! :)

But my male shows no interest what so ever in her. She even try's to approach him slowly and calmly. However he runs from her and turns dark brown. He's a lil over 1 year old. he weighs 150ish grams (cant member the exact number). Gets plenty of UVB and heat. plenty of food and supplements and vitamins. Eats GREAT. But acts like a 5 year old boy towards a sister having cooties.

I've tried putting him in her Free Range. I've tried putting her in his cage. And still my Stud is a dud.

Any advice, concerns, helpful tips would be appreciated.

I've tried reading articles on the topic here on the forum and on different sites on the web. And all describe in great detail the pre-req's for the female. But little to none on the male.

Do males mature at a later age than females due to a longer life span?

What weight should my male be before I attempt to mate him?


I have had males that were not receptive, I think it comes down to the chameleons personality. Some males are just wimpy and refuse to mate. Try leaving them alone where they cannot sense you watching them. Chameleons act differently when there isn't a human around. Another option could be to try and introduce another male to see if the male you are trying to mate gets inspired to do his job. Some males are just not eager beavers when it come to mating. Sorry to hear you have a shy male, keep at it and hopefully he will come around. I have not needed to do anything special for most males to be receptive.
thanks for the idea of trying to introduce an second male to provoke competition. however I do not have a second male readily available to me to do so.
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