Stuck shed after burn treatment a few months ago

hi all, my cham has had some shed in the same area i was applying a daily thermal burn cream back in december. i assumed she would slough it off on her own but she’s finished a while she’s since then and hasn’t gotten rid of it. it doesn’t seem to be hurting/bothering her, but it’s definitely still there.

basically she got a thermal burn back in november, i was able to get silver honey cream from the pet store (manuka honey) to treat it as per suggestions on this site. probably did it about daily for a week to a week and a half, this was at the end of december/early january. i think that broke her trust in me because she used to tolarate handling ok but now she hisses and bites me whenever i need to get a look at her 😥😥 but after that it looked like it was healing up (forming some sort of protective “crust” of ointment around it while the color of the burn looked more normal) so i decided the torture could stop.

humidity has been kind of sucky since february-ish, waiting for new parts for the mister to get in so that might explain it. anything i can do until then? i’ve been hand misting her, will range from 20-40% through the day.

she hates handling so i was seeing if she would resolve the issue on her own. but the fact that she had a shed and it didn’t come off doesn’t give me confidence. she was very angry when i took her out to look at it and bit me a couple times 😢😢 i feel so bad to do this to my baby but i think stuck shed can be really bad if nothing happens to fix it. please help!


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  • Type, sex, age: female veiled chameleon, unsure of age but probably around 1-1.5 years, has been with me since august
  • Handling: hardly ever, she hates it. only for very visits or if i think something might be wrong and i have to check on her closely
  • Food: Dubia roaches - 4 and every other day
  • Supplements: reptivite and repti calcium no d3 by zoo med. 1:3 ratio of each feeding probably (one vite for every 3 cals)
  • Watering: Monsoon automatic misting system is broken right now. parts coming in soon. hand misting in the meantime
  • Fecal Description - seems normal, probably goes twice a week ish. white part is bright white.
  • History - vet said she was healthy, last saw them in fall
  • Cage Info:
  • Cage Type: Screen 2x2x4
  • Lighting - linear ti bulb for uvb and standard house bulb for heat (exo terra one was too hot for her and burned her)
  • Temperature:
  • Cage floor: 66
  • Basking spot: 80
  • Overnight: 60s
  • Humidity 40% after misting, mid 20s at lowest.
  • Plants pothos, ficus, ivy that is unfortunately on it’s last legs
  • Placement - Where is your cage located? Is it near any fans, air vents, or high traffic areas? At what height is the top of the cage relative to your room floor? bedroom. 2 feet off floor. no vents. quiet ara
  • Location -new england

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Hi I have it but never really needed it but arcadia do a supplement shed support if thats any help . If you haven't filled out a husbandry form it would be worth doing so as members could get a better /bigger picture 😉


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Supplements: reptivite and repti calcium no d3 by zoo med. 1:3 ratio of each feeding probably (one vite for every 3 cals)
I have noticed that supplements play a big role in proper shedding. You want calcium with no D3 6 days a week. On the 7th day you'll want to alternate between a calcium with D3 and a multivitamin.
It looks like you're using too many vitamins. Adjusting this might help.


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I really hope the honey actually treated the burn and not just topically. silver sulfadiazine cream is normally what we recommend for thermal burns because it will treat any underlying infection that can easily develop below the burn. The casque being burned is a real area of concern because the infection can be inside and then the top of the casque will just fall off. It is quite grotesque and painful for them when this happens.

Do you have pics of the original thermal burn?

Per the shed being stuck this is normal with a thermal burn because the scales have been damaged. Some it takes longer to come off and some will always have issues with shedding in that area.

Your daytime range in humidity is fine. But I would consider adding a cool mist fogger at night to up her ambient humidity when the cage is coldest. This may help her shed too.

Your feeding too much. She should be getting 3 medium no larger feeders 3 days a week. basking should be 78-80 max... Food amount and basking temp directly impact clutch size.

I do not understand what you mean by 1:3 ratio with your supplements?
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