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Hi All,

I have had a ficus in my extra large reptibreeze for the past year, however with my panther chameleon getting larger the branches don't hold him any more. He used to love sleeping on the branches but can now only sleep on the fake vines in the cage.

Can anyone suggest a stronger tree that I can put in the cage that will support him.

Schefflara is good.

But there comes a time, when they are just too big.

Which is why I use dowel rods in my cage.
I use hibiscus trees in my enclosures they are pretty strong! And it is an attractive plant as well
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Sorry i should have said i do have a hibicus in the cage aswell and is growing well but is not large enough yet but agree is very strong, my chameleon likes to sleep towards the top of the cage so needs to be similar to a ficus tree. The cage is the XL reptibreeze so needs to be a tall strong tree
You probably need to add some sturdy vines and branches. The plants are mainly for keeping the humidity up and the branches give them highways to move around in the cage.
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