Strange things your cham is afraid of?


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I noticed that if I walk up to Mathesar's cage with sneakers or socks on, he wont take his eyes off of my feet and he tries to hide. He is fine with my bare feet though...

What things have you noticed your cham is afraid of?


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My gardening gloves. I guess they make my hands look big because whenever I'm wearing them by him he runs away. Bare hands? Fine.

Also he is afraid of paper towels unless they are folded up at the bottom of his cage. But if he sees a whole paper towel? NOPE RUN AWAY


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10x more afraid of beardy that is smaller than the cham, than the dog...
My panther is deathly afraid of the bearded dragon. He isn't very worried about the dogs, but if the beardie runs in to the room he freaks out.

He is also afraid of being outside. His eyes don't stop moving and he just sits in one spot.


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I have a bright yellow pair of gloves that I thought would work for handling, but my male veiled flares up, charges, and looks like he wants to eat them. Not the right gloves for the job.:D


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Every one of my chameleons hates my red hair!! The cock their little heads up towards my head, puff up and back away. My Panther is the worst, he attacks me on a regular basis because of it. God forbid I wear my hair differently one day - the world ends!!


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My male Jackson Rango, is afraid of his red feeding cup..... But definitely not what's inside.... He cringes every time I put it near him but soon as its in the right spot he's fine... And soon as he's emptied it he shoots it over... -rolls eyes-


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Silkworms. Lol. My theory is he thinks they're little worm mummies (they do look like that to me, lol!)


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Silkworms. Lol. My theory is he thinks they're little worm mummies (they do look like that to me, lol!)
LOL!! I like that, worm mummies :D

I have to use small worms for Kokie, he is scared of the large ones.

Kokie is little, and shy, so he is afraid of nearly everything!! :rolleyes:


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Walker really hates the cats! He'll go into his "I'm a stick" mode as soon as he eyeballs a cat. Lol. Broadway isn't scared of anything! No stage fright for him! :)


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Drake is afraid of my ceiling fan, but only when I turn it off and it starts to slow down! I he will be perched on a stick with both arms and feet together almost like a bird. Once the fan starts slowing he trys to back up! Only there is literally nowhere for him to go except upside down. He eventually ends up upside down hanging with his little head poking up over his belly looking at the fan scared to death! Its so funny! Poor Guy!


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Both of them are afraid of ME! :( They hide when i come in the room.

My male Fred Flinstone hisses and attacks the camera.

See my profile piture. That was him p$$d at the camera.
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Both of mine are afraid of the mister every time it turns on they run! The female is afraid of my hands but the male has no problem climbing onto me!
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