Strange lump on hipbone


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Chameleon Info:
Panther, Nosy be, Male, about 1.5 years old
1 time a day.
Mostly 10 3/4 inch Crickets a day and silk worms occasionally. Crickets are feed with carrots and kale.
Zoomed calcium with D3 1 time a week. Rep-cal Without D3 3 times a week. Rep vitamin 1 time for two weeks.
Mist 3 times a day for 2 min each time. He seems like to drink the water on plants.
Fecal Description
Black poop with white urinates which is normal always and has no test so far.

Cage Info:
Cage Type
2 screen cage likely 20X20X40
1x26w Zoomed UVB 5.0 and 1x100w Zoomed powersun for 10 hours.
basking spot is 88, mid cage is 83, bottom is 79. Temperature at night is 78
Humidity is normally around 50% and rises to 75% after misting.
Please see the attached pictures
The cage is under the stair of my friend's pet store. It is sitting on a 4 foot cabinet.

Current Problem
This panther is one of the nice chameleons in my friends pet store. My friend got it when it was only 2 months old. He is a good chameleon keeper and everything was great until 1 month ago, the strange lump appeared without bad omen. The lump is hard but a bit softer than bone. Besides the lump, the panther is still acting normal just like nothing was happened.
Since there are no skilled lizard veterinarians around, I hope if there is anyone can give us some suggestions! Thank you so much! Please the pictures attached:)


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I am going to respond to this thread in order to bump it up to the top of the thread posts in hopes one of our vets will see it. Anytime you have a growth, whether it be on a human or animal, lets face it, it is of concern until it is diagnosed. They will probably tell you the same thing. Good luck with your guy.
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