Strange Behavior??? :)


Hello everyone. I have a question lol and wondering if anyone else has experienced this. My Jackson like to "hunt" me and my dog. I first noticed it with my dog as she was walking back and forth from me to her food. My Jackson was following her back and forth and after a couple of passed he shot at her with his tongue. He was inside his enclosure the whole time so he just hit the screen.

I am finally curious and want to ask because he JUST did it to me! I was oddly enough waving my hand slowly back and forth at soemthing else and I caught him moving out of the corner of my eye. He then struck at me. I said his name very sternly like a mother does LOL I didn't really mean to but I was shocked. He isn't a social Jackson at all and I never hold him


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Haha, yeah my stud Jackson that was like that. He would pace his enclosure whenever I would sit down next to him. (He was right next to my desk) Anyways, he would see me typing and would try to take shots at my hands. I eventually moved him because I figured that smashing his tongue against glass was most likely uncomfortable for him. He was a really good Jackson and lived for 9 years under my care. He recently passed away, but his wife is still around. Onyx will forever be remembered. I handled him 2-3 times a week.

Shoot... this post has me all nostalgic.

I don't think its something you need to worry about OP. Jackson's are funny little guys.
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