Strange bal bump ??


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My veiled seem to have some kinda or rare spot of his right front legt just
below the elbow joint... i touched it its kinda hard... and i can touch it he doesnt
mind... can anyone tell me what it may be? or what it might be?
he climbs good etc

im kinda shocked .. i dindt noticed it before..


thx guys!/girls!


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pff the problem is there arent much good docters
around here.. and if he needs a surgery...
im affraid off those sleeping stuff they inject...
wont he die of that?


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you mean anesthesia? No, if the proper dose is given, they shouldn't die unless they had some adverse reaction to it or something. I had to have my one chameleon put under when he had a foot problem. He did just fine. The bump doesn't look like much now, and it is hard to say what it is or if it will grow. Hopefully one of our vets can take a look at it for you and give you some advice on what to do.


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So i went to the pet/reptile docter
and he told me it was hard... i knew that...
and he couldnt punction it because it was to small...
we need to take a look in about 2 weeks and send him a picture of
his bump.. he says that it feels like bone..
mabye he broke it or something and cartilage has grown for the place back
he gave me 3 options.. in about 2 weeks
he punctions it.. he gives him something like a remedy for ignition
or take a picture.. yikes pet docters are exspensive..
the only thing he did is mesured it and took a picture with his cellphone
and it cost me 31 euros for 5 mins... Fml! haha
everything for the chameleon
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