stink bugs


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do you think stink bugs(shield bug) are good for cham.? I think that the North east is going to get infested by these bug this summer. thinking of free food. :confused:
Yes, my chams love the green ones. Bonus, they fly so they are relished. I wish i had a good place to collect those. My reg spot only has hoppers and katydids. Ive yet to find any stinks. My old spot where I found more variety, is now being turned into subdivison. :rolleyes:
Unless you can guaranty that the bugs haven't been treated with pesticides I wouldn't feed them to your chameleon (better safe than sorry).
Well the NJ seems to be having a infestation of those little guys. i don't believe they have sprayed anything yet.
hahah...I'm probaly going to find them all over my house this spring. I should package them and sell them :)
I have a bunch of those stink bugs around my house but they sound different from the ones you guys are describing. he stink bugs that we have over here in San Diego are black and they don't fly either. Any thoughts?
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