Still trying to find mt meru Jackson

I and many others are currently still seeking mt meru's so if anyone out there happens to know where we can find them it would have amazing to know. I do know that is it next to impossible to find but any information helps.
Sorry for the late reply. Sadly that's what I've been hearing although I did get a message about one person who actually has a pair or at the very least one currently in there collection. I've also heard that Madagascar also has currently stopped exporting animals, that's one of the places that I've been told that they had exported chameleons from other than Tanzania and Kenya


Backwater reptile. Check their website. My husband ordered me a juvenile Jackson from them, they have locations in CA and Florida, were able to overnight our little guy. He came very healthy and friendly. We previously had a veiled chameleon and wanted to try another. On their website they have just about any reptile you can think of. Very helpful customer service and were able to answer all my husbands questions. They handle their reptiles and ensure healthy pets.


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There are some small groups in Europe. There are breeders there seriously working with this species to make sure it does not disappear to us. It will be a while until those groups are producing enough to sell, but they are in good hands. It may be a number of years and it remains to be seen if they would be part of any export to the States, but, whether you are in Europe or North America, there is a fighting chance that some may be available again.
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