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I was hoping some people could tell me breeders or places I can get chams. I have looked my tail off and still havent really found what I am looking for. I wanna get panther for about 100-150 for good bloodline and sire. I am certian there is places where that can be found but havent found it yet. PLease direct me in the right direction. Any links or site or emails would be great.

Hmm. I see similar prices at online distributors (lllreptile, reptiledepot, etc), but I have no idea what their parents look like or in what condition the babies are. A few reasons I prefer to spend the extra $$ somewhere else:
  • health - By dealing directly with a highly respected breeder, I feel more confident the animal will be in excellent condition before shipping.
  • family - I enjoy knowing what the parents looked like. I not only have info and pictures of my new cham's parents, but his grandparents too:p. I also trust these are really the pictures they claim to be.
  • support - There are a lot of breeders out their with varying ethical beliefs and practices. By dealing directly with a breeder you can choose someone that shares your views and opinions instead of supporting someone who does not.
  • Very similar to why some people buy dogs directly from breeders instead of pet stores.

All that being said, I am not trying to put down any online distributors. I have never purchased live animals from them, so don't have any personal experience. Chams purchased at distributors could very well be just as healthy and even more beautiful than other sources.
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The nose be / ambanja cross? Very nice looking. Ezhno is a similar cross. His current colors are very similar to that picture you linked to in the other post.

I have a CB classifieds feature in mind for this site, but it is a few marks down on my to-do list.
That would be awesome. I would assume your waiting to get some traffic. I think its kinda picked up though. I decided to get the cross panther. I saw some pic's and they looked wonderfull. If ANYONE is looking for a cross panther for 140.00 shipped. Then post I will give you email.

" Brad, great female for breeding " :)
Sounds great. When are you getting him?

I would like to get a new chameleon, but it is really hot here. My car temperature gauge read 110F (~43C) today:eek::cool::eek:. I will probably wait until early fall.
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