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I was told live plants are better. I guess because of the humidity.? I have a ficus that is yellowing and dropping leaves. Perhaps too much water from the daily mistings and drip.? Or just stress from being moved and trimmed to fit cage.? Or both.? Any ideas?

I also have appx. 13 other starter plants in pots along the bottom of cage. Is this good? Some posts seem to indicate live plants are bad for bacteria.?

My cage is wood framed with screen on all sides. The floor is screen to allow excess water to drip to the bottom where I have a slide out drawer. I am trying to find something appx 2'x2' square to place into the slide out draw even though it is siliconed at edges. I'd like to hose drain it. Any ideas?

What measures the humidity?

Where would I purchase a timed mister? Or does anyone have instructions for creating one?
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well my humble opinion would be to get a pothos. it is working great for me and i water alot.and it will stand being moved alot. now humidity u need a digital thermometer that messures that to ensure accurate readings. and for misting if your cage is liike mine (pic. in the gallery) try the habba mist. hope this helps .
I don't recommend the Habba Mist. It's Junk. Put the money towards a good and proper misting system.

Search the forums for misting instructions and reviews on the systems. There are plenty.
I too would recommend the pothos... i've heard that ficus are easy to grow (at leas my mom said they were easy for her) however I have managed to desemate practically a green-house worth of them in the past few years of herp-keeping... I even kill spider plants tho... so I'm not a good measure. LOL.
Anyway, yeah... pothos are hard to kill = good plant.
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