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Hey all,
I am in the process of getting my enclosure set up and have 2 schefflera arboricolas in there.. One is a baby and the other about 18 inches tall.. Lately they both have a sap like substance on the leaves.. Anyone have any ideas about this our if it will be a problem for the cham?

I would say your plant isn't leaking sap. You have some kind of bug on the plant. You need to check for aphids, scale or white fly. Google plant parasites and see which you have, remove from the cage, depending on the directions of what you are treating with and treat the plant.
I have Sheffelera Arboricola's in my cages and planted throughout my entire yard in Florida here and I would have to agree that I have never seen any kind of sap on them. Agreed with Laurie that it could be some type of bug infestation of maybe some kind of fungus? Whatever the case i would get rid of the plant!!!!
oh ok, i just thought about the fact that you probably need to spray the plant with poisons but I know some of the fungus and stuff we get on plants down here can actually be treated with soap and water. I guess it depends on what is actually wrong with the plant.
It looks as if it is scale, from checking around online.. I think I am going to just end up throwing them out.. It looks like you can try to treat, but with it being a chams habitat, I think it will be best to just start with some new clean plants.. anyone else have any experience with these scales? I guess it is common with these plants..
You can treat the plants with an insecticidal soap. It is said to be safe but I would have the plant out of the cage to treat it. But i have treated plants as delicate as some of my african violets, without hurting the plants. It is a royal pain for me to go buy new plants so I clean mine up and use them again. After the soap dried I wait a day or two wash the plant with water and back into my cages they go. Been doing this for about 4 years, so far, so good.
Took them back to Home Depot and they swapped them out instantly and spologized, so its all good. Anything I should do to the enclosure they were in to make sure nothing is lingering?

LOL, I doubt the bugs on the 3 you brought home didn't touch the new 3. I grow peppers and the easiest way to treat them is to put a tablespoon of dawn in a spray bottle with warm water and go to town on the plants. The aphids will drown in the bubbles. NO POISON NEEDED!!!
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