Steve the Nosy Be at 10 months


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Isn't he cute! :-D


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Steve is quite the handsome little man. He just looks so sweet. He does look kind of small for 10 months old. What all are you feeding him? Has he had a fecal lately?
Hey guys! :) He is supposed to be between 9 and 10 months... He has been fighting some stuff, first parasites (gone) then a low grade lung infection (he had it when I got him most likely). He's been treated for both. He's been seeing an exotic vet regularly to keep checking on things. :) He's always been on the small side but has been steadily growing the whole time I've had him..He eats lots: silks, hornworms, dubia, turkistan, very ocassionally kings and butters, sometimes I order isopods and stick bugs, although those are harder to get a hold of.

I think things are good... He seems healthy... He goes back to the vet in the next couple weeks for a check up.

Ps. He looks a lot bigger when he's angry! Lol
Well it certainly sounds like you are on top of things. He may just look small in the pictures and the health issues could have slowed his growth. He's a handsome boy that's for sure. :)
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