Starting dubia colony


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I’m starting a dubia colony with my brother and we are looking to sell them my main question is since we are trying to do bulk I’m trying to figure out if I would be able to store my dubias in a climate controlled storage unit and if I did that would they breed in that environment if it was kept to the ninety five degree range. I have seen a lot about people using heating pads and certain heaters for there specific boxes but would I be able to achieve the same resukts if I put my roach boxes in a storage unit that never changed from the desired breeding temperature or am I thinking too large scale any feedback would be really helpful thanks
I can’t offer any advice about mass breeding, but I keep my roach bins in my garage and Florida heat gets the temps pretty high in the summer with no problems. Now that it’s cooler, I have to use heat mats for them.
*edit: I have discoid which are similar to dubia.
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