Spring Veiled Chameleons Are Now Ready!

Vegas Chad

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We have been diligently working with our veiled chameleons getting ready for the show season and spring time. All of our babies are 2+ months old, most of which are nearly 3 at this point and are growing like weeds! We have 4 different lines available and are ready to be sent to new homes. We have:


Mako Jr.

Orange Crush

Breeders Choice

All Chameleon forum members will receive a free item with any veiled purchase if you type in your user name in the note box when checking out. Of you have any questions please contact us!

We will have 2 more lines later this year as well.​
As soon as I get a shot that I am happy with when he is in full yellow that I am happy with I will update the listing.
I'm also waiting for Mako Jr. pictures...please please lol do a full on photo shoot I'm sure there has to be at least ONE you're happy with!!
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