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Jish an speedy

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Newest pic of my male veiled
Just want to point out that his front foreleg has quite the bend to it that is likely MBD. I'm not sure if he came to you like that or it has happened over time, just make sure you are properly supplementing (Cal w/NoD 5x a week; Cal w/ D3 twice a month; Multivitamin twice a month) and you have a UVB (5.0) bulb. Otherwise he looks nice, great pattern display. And then enclosure setup appears to look nice as well.
I do all these things and have done from start.
Thanks for info but he defiantly hasn't got mbd.
He has always been supplemented from young and has fully loaded hoppers and crickets all the time.
I have a 6% uv light which is better for veiled chameleons.
Here's another pic of that same leg. See if u still think the same.
Just looked through a few pics and didn't notice that lil bent on any other 1.
Pic is 10 days old
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