Space requirements for Werneri?


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Hi all,

It's been several years since I posted to this forum but I still lurk and remember the good ole days when I had chameleons.

I'm a college student at the moment though which means I can't really keep any, due to the completely unpredictable housing situations I'm in. Maybe one day when I get a house or apt I'll be able to get another cham.

That being said, I was just wondering, has much changed in terms of montane husbandry? Last time I was active in this forum, people recommended an 18x18x36 for jacksons since they are a little smaller, would the same thing still hold true for werneri? I think the horned species have been my favorite, since I kept 2 montane and 2 veileds total, and was just wondering if the care requirements for them were still the same, or if people have since started housing them in the 2x2x4's

Bonus pic of my old werners!



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An 18x18x36 would probably be adequate, but bigger is always better, so I would go with a 24x24x48 as long as you have the space for it.
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