South Bay Chameleon Keepers (SBCK) June 2014 Meeting


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SBCKers and visitors,

Our next SBCK meeting will be Saturday, June 28 from 2PM to 5PM. The June SBCK meeting will be held in El Segundo at the following address:

2201 Park Place, Suite 100, El Segundo, CA 90245

Maps and further directions will come this weekend.

We are finally making a trip back to the "South Bay" where our group got it's name!

As always, bring a food dish or drink to share and your chameleons are always welcome!



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Steve will be doing a feeder run. If you plan on joining us at the meeting and would like to place an order then let him know by PMing him or posting here by Thursday night.


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Directions to June SBCK meeting in El Segundo

We will be meeting at the following address

Below is a pictorial guide:

Top Level Directions:


Getting Closer...


You are There!

Get your cricket orders in now. I'll be placing ordering tomorrow, for the meeting. Will have blue bottle flies, a luna moth or two, and a few sticks.


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Wow, Dave! Those pictures came out great. Love both tongue shots and the faly close ups are amazing. Like the yellow background.

Yes, Robbie, the faly was Steve's. He was a very good sport about all the picture taking for being a WC:)

Dave Weldon

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Howdy Ponders and Brad,

Thanks! I probably shouldn't have experimented with shooting those last Faly eye photos at f/2.8 since it was a bit too shallow of a DOF, even for an artsy shot :eek:.
Thank you Dave, for panther picture from our May meeting. I was able to pick up a frame for it Sunday. So it's safe behind glass now.


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Nice photos Dave and Steve. Looks like you guys had a great time with the chameleons. :) I wish it had been next week when I'm going to be out west. Hopefully I will get to see some of you at the Super Show. :)
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