Sos help!!!


So I got some black soldier fly larvae, forgot about putting them in the fridge and BAM, there’s like 30 of them flying around my reptile room !!!!

Any quick ideas on how to capture/kill them !? All the stores are closed right now, so I can’t go get any sticky traps :(:(:(:(:(


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flies are afraid of strong smells an attracted to food and light use these to your advantage and try to make a temporary trap


Sorry guys! I've read the replies but haven't been able to log-in to answer (I don't have a laptop anymore, so I've been at the mercy of my phone) !!

@Brodybreaux25 ;; I tried to! but he didn't want to leave the cage and got all pissy with me!! I left the door open for a while but I couldn't stay in there to babysit, he did end up catching a few that flew in there, though!

@Thehippie ;; Tried that, along with apple cider vinegar, and a soap dish trap, neither of them worked hahaha.

@Matt Vanilla Gorilla ;; I AM TERRIFIED... I know they're harmless but one touched me and I screeched and hit the ceiling :ROFLMAO:

@absolutbill ;; I forgot about the vacuum !!! Ah man, wasted money on fly ribbon... oh well...

:love::love: You guys are the best! I left the door open as much as I could while I was home so he could chow down on whatever flew in, 'cause he's a princess and wanted them to come to him LOL but, as for the rest, it's the fly ribbon ! should all be gone by the time I get home today :D It was just a massive shock and a "OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE" when I walked in and saw a swarm of flies :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: I've defffinittelllyyy learned my lesson....
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