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I am new at everything when it comes to Chameleons. I once had a Graceful but was given all the wrong instructions and she dies after about 3 months. I am getting a baby veiled. Although I am very excited...I am also very uneasy. I don't want it to happen again. I am setting up its enclosure. I found something new on line. It was a humidifier u attach to a water bottle humidifier.


Does anyone know if this would be ok to use inside

the enclosure?:confused:
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Often the causes of mortality in infancy is often a chameleon or a poor maintenance at the pet store or breeder
The chameleon is not that complicated, but just to have a good knowledge of the requirements of postures such as food, housing, the temperature, the humidity. hydration which is the leading cause of death if a chameleon is not sufficiently hydrated

The supply of prey and calcium supplementation
You have to be careful not to create too humid of conditions. I would not recommend that. First get your cage set up with live plants and a water dri pper which will aid in humidity. Ideally you want your humidity around 50% and then when you mist the cage it will rise and fall. You don't want the humidity to remain the same all the time.
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