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I love Chameleons. I am going to a reptile show this weekend and look forward to have one pick me out as his owner. The info here is a huge help. I would love a Panther but a bit too expensive for me right now as I would like to dedicate my funds to a living enviorment for him first. I was looking at a 65 ga enviorment, but i think the 100 ga would be better.

I am looking for a 6-8 week old, so we can get used to eachother. What would be the best set up to keep him happy till he is able to move to the larger enviorment. And should i buy a male and feamale together for the best companionship.

Also where is a great pace on the web for building a custom living enviorment. I would like some detailed plans.... also what are some must haves right away to purchase, to help him feel comfy, and healthy after the 2 hour transport home? and any sugestions during the transport?

Thanks again!

what should i be looking at for prices of species? i don't want to get ripped off....
If you are getting a 6-8 week old you will need something smaller than 65 or 100 gallons. They need to be able to hunt/find food. A Veiled is a good cham to start with but no chameleon is easy keeping. You should be able to walk away with a young cham for about $50.00 on average. At shows they usually provide a deli cup but a cardboard box just a bit bigger than the cup that you can close will make it dark so he might sleep on his trip home. The bare minimum to start with would be a cage (a 22 or 38 Reptarium is a good/inexpensive starter cage), a good UVB light (Reptisun 5.0/10.0) and a fixture, a clamp lamp for basking, a good thermometer, calcium (Repcal with no phosphorous), plants and vines for climbing, and a mister for watering. Good luck and read up on this forum.
sounds great, do you think i should go with an older one. I would think a younger one would take a better liking to his owner with time. 38 ga is exaxctly what i was looking for untill maturity then 100ga would be a nice enviorment. I have been doing a lot of research, and can't wait for this new hobby and companion. what do you think about male and female together? would they keep each other company?

I wouldn't be ready for the spawning right away. how old are they when they begin mating. I just answered my own question, not being ready for two makes me decide on only one for now.....what wattage basking bulb in the clamp light?

Don't get to hopeful about a chameleon "liking" you.
They generally don't.
Also, they are very solitary, territorial animals that do not in any way
crave companionship. Having more than one in an enclosure regardless of sex would only cause them great stress....a leading cause of death in captive chameleons.

ok i am not too set on him liking me, i would like to know how often to handle him, so i don't stress him, or if he see's me enter the room to do some paperwork he isn't freaked out. I want him to be comfy in his enviornment and not stressed at my presence.

when i get one tomorrow, should i looking for anything besides his health, like him not shying away,from me or something like that?
In my opinion chameleons should be handled:

*a vet visit is necessary
*To be moved to a safe location once a month during a thorough cage cleaning.
*To occasionally go to an outside enclosure during the warm months or to
move outside during that time.

This is not a complete list and there are other times you will need to handle the cham, but you get the idea.
During the handling opportunities a general check of the animal should happen. Check rigidity if jaw and casque, health of the interior of the mouth, look for unusual bumps or scrapes, count toes and toenails, etc.

As for the animal feeling comfortable when you are in the same room....this should not be a problem as long as the enclosure is a good size, there is plenty of plant cover and the enclosure allows the animal to perch as high above you as possible.


edit: in my opinion you want to purchase the feistiest one you can find. They will all be afraid of you but docile, gentle and sweet behaviour may be an indicator of a sick animal.
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Do you know about gutloading and feeding your insects a nutritious diet?
Do you know about supplements that are needed by the chameleon?
Do you know about females laying virgin clutches?
Do you know about UVB requirements?
Do you have a vet lined up that you can take it to if need be?
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