Something weird happened with my senegal


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this was what happened. after a day out of sunbathing. i bought my senegal back to the room. i decided to tease my senegal by placing it in front of a mirror.

he went into dark mode. but no flaring. no hunching. no hissing. just dark mode. it did not seem to attack the mirror image. it looked, rocked back and forth, changed positions on my hand and what it did was nudged the mirror with minimal force using its mouth tip.

i did not want my senegal to hurt itself. so i took it away and placed my hand in the cage. usually what it will do is grab hold of anything quick and scramble away.

however, this time round, it clung to my hand rather tightly not letting go at all! it kept changing positions on my hand and i think it was HUMPING my freaking hand multiple times! i noticed something at the base of its tail where the opening is. and something slid in and out of there and i'm pretty sure it's not ****.

as hilarious as i thought it was, i am quite concerned as to whether my care is correct for this pet. i will post pictures of the underside base tail. had a video too but i am not sure how to upload that.

i hope someone may enlighten me as to what is happening so that i may learn more.

p.s. i do not know my senegal's gender. but judging by the humping i'm guessing male?


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I'm pretty new, been doing alot of research and i think i came across this a lil while ago, but if it's a male I believe it's a sperm plug which I hear is pretty normal for male chams, maybe an expert can weigh in on this.
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