Something strange growing on Oscar's head


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Hi, a week ago this appear on my chameleon head, and I couldn't find any information about this. What might be?

I am speaking of that swelling between the eyes.


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It looks like it can be an abscess. Sometimes they start out as a sinus infection, and the infection spreads and forms an abscess like that. You should take him/her to a good reptile vet. They'll probably have to clean it out and prescribe some antibiotics.


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As they said, it does appear to be an abcess, and requires a vet to fix it.

also, are you using a red light?


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Make sure the vet cleans it out thoroughly because chameleon pus is thick and just giving it antibiotics won't get rid of the access. Have a culture and sensitivity test done so that the chameleon gets the right antibiotic to get rid of the infection.
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