Someone hates the camera


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He was fine to start but he then went a little crazy


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Wow, look at that YELLOW! He's awesome! I love the color in his chin area in the first pic and his "chin spikes" (probably there is a technical term for those, lol) in the second pic. :)
What an awesome guy! My girly veiled hates the camera too! All you have to do it point it at her and she majorly puffs out at you :)
He's not your average male colours anyway I thin he's my avatar pic at the moment. He's a very rich teddy brown with black and white and I've only seen him thicken these colours or go jet black and charge across the living room when he saw my older female. But he's very good at focusing both eyes on a point so I thought I'd get a picture, he was fine for around 20 seconds then the above happened. Took his ages to calm down
he looks like he ate a sour bug- his face cracks me up - :p they get so goofy about the cameras - lol
his color is outstanding !! very cool - I remember your post about his odd brown color when you had just gotten him- he sure is a pretty ( and pretty unique ) guy :)
Thanks I'm quite lucky with him he's very friendly except with cameras he marches straight out onto my arm. He's not gaining as much weight as I'd like but I'm sure he's fine. But I have to say he's quite a paint by numbers
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