Some Splash Holdbacks~ RB BB Ambilobes


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So I got the boys out today, decided to snap some photos. Do you guys think any of these are good enough for the photo contest? I really like the first image...

Boy 1

Boy 2 (Splash Jr.)

Boy 3

Boy 4

i like pic 3 the most...its a great angle and you can see the body looks like a litle dragon climbing a tree. then number 1, its just a good clean shot but.. theres tons a head shots of chams so not really a unique style of picture, just a great shot of him close up then number 4 and then the last one
Those are lovely pictures - and nice animals.
I like the first photo and the third one (too bad about the house in the background - otherwise this would be my favourite)
thanks everyone for your input!

sandra.. id have to agree. there's a couple that im sad there's a house behind. definitely ruins it
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