Some pics I took today


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Heres a few pics I took today. Not very good :eek: , but it seems once I put the camera away and sat down, they would get into a great pose, then I would rush to get the camera and then they would hide :rolleyes: Enjoy :D

Here is my little Female Veiled, about 4 months old

Heres my little Male, had to take pic through top of screen

Here they both go while I was cleaning the cage out

I forget what hes doing here :p

Checkin the food dish

Sorry I couldn't get any better pics, it was close to their bedtime and they are very camera shy.:eek:
Thanks Noah. I enjoy taking care of them. Whenever Im out, I usually stop in a hardware store or 2 and see what kinda plants they have lol, or go to a pets store and see what things they have that I can buy. I think Im a little obsessed with them :D

I had some better shots of them, but they where blurry. Time to buy a new Digi-cam I guess :D
Taking pics inside is always tough. I see you live in Pitt.....soon we'll be able to take our guys outside and get em some good ole fashion unfiltered sunlight. Plus outside pics are an infinite amount easier to take. Give it a try this'll see what I'm talkin about.
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