Some days you need a reboot button

You should be fine. It's a simple fix. It looks like just dry wall repair. All you have to do is cut out the sections that are wet and replace with new dry wall. Make sure everything is all dry. Just make sure you get to it before it starts to grow mold, that would be no bueno.
LOL - :p you are funny -

Last time I checked, there wasnt anything funny about a cardiac infarction.

Laura said:
"I had several simultaneous symptoms, but the first one seemed to be chest pain in the centre-left, somewhat under my left breast area. I’d never felt anything like it, so sometimes it’s hard to describe – it wasn’t sharp or crushing or burning, more like a dull pressure. I also had pain down the inside of my left arm that radiated up into the left side of my jaw and my left ear. I was very overheated, and I felt like I was going to throw up. The nausea and overheating faded, but the pain – chest, arm, jaw – stayed. In hospital, I was diagnosed with a heart attack caused by SCAD – spontaneous coronary artery dissection*, treated with six stents.”
Well, checked out the damage and we will replace that ceiling in the laundry room and also replace that ugly light fixture at the same time (looking at the positive side of things). Pulled up the carpet upstairs and it is drying out. One thing I am worried about is it leaked where the carpet meets the wood floor. Hopefully the wood is ok and doesn't warp.
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