Sold as Ambilobe is it really?

I baught Hulk from a breeder and importer. He is a LTC that was obtained as a juvenile and is approximately 2.5 years old. He is 17.5 inches in total length and 165g. I am not nearly experienced enough to know for sure but his color patterns are so different from other Ambilobe males I have seen. Any thoughts?
He is miraculously friendly for a wildcaught!! Lucky you!! And he's coool looking!!
LOL he was behaving for the camera and that's only the 2nd time I've had him out in as many months. He tried to eat me when I put him back. But like I said I'm still a novice chameleon keeper so I have only Loki my CBB male to compare him too. He looks very much like the "classic" Ambilobe.Loki comes out once a week and sometimes comes to the door looking for food probably but I like to think he likes me just a little. The other two....hate my guts food or no!
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Agreed, most definitely not a mitsio. Keep in mind that your chameleon is wildcaught, so it hasn't been bred over generations to look a particular way like the captive bred ambilobes we are used to seeing!
I did think of that but wanted to check with more experienced folks. Thank you!
When I say yours is friendly, I mean it, if you have ever seen any other wild caught, you would know what I'm talking about
I see...good to know. I have never seen another wild caught. I like to stick with cbb animals as a general rule. He was a long term captive so maybe that made a difference. My husband fell in love with a picture of him on FB. I was adamantly against getting this wild caught male and his already bred mate but my hubby was struck. We talked with the breeder/importer several times and then went to get them in person to look them over and save her the stress of extended travel. They were in their preset cages within 5 hours of being bagged and have done really well. I don't hold them much or for any extended time.
He looks very healthy, a wonderful cham!! Wow!! You got him with a fertilized female from him?
YES! From a wonderful guy. He had an awesome set up. He answered all of my questions and showed me a few tricks as well. Queen B his mate laid 28 eggs and all are doing great. She on the other hand will be going to the vet this week because she'd been eating well but not gaining and today I found a worm in her stool. We take their care very seriously, I'm glad it shows in Hulk's pictures. Thank you!
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