in terms of potted plants in your enclosure?

any top soil without fert or insecticides should be fine. If youre really paranoid, you can buy some mushroom compost; that stuff comes autoclaved and is completely free of pretty much everything.


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just cover it with some large river rocks or screen. Even if you change it out to organic it still can be eaten.

Shawn Raquel

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They are all covered with large rocks he cant eat, but he really wants to eat dirt.. I can tell hes always looking for it, I read in different threads that its pretty normal and a little is okay, no real definitive answer as to why.. cleaning out their digestive tract or for nutrients sake or they just like it.. so I was going to try and supply just a little of the best I could since he is so determined


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Surely there is an organic garden store in portland that will carry some organic soil. Got to be careful though, some of the organic top soil has coconut fiber in it(i hear it can get clogged in their digestive tract).
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