Hi...I'm here...again...just wanted to say something...I'm actually kinda older now (like middle school older...uhhh) and not as dumb as I used to be when it comes to dad showed me the Chameleon when I was 8 and I got it as a impulse buy...from know how that went...and with this thread I'm talking to the older members! (2016-2017)

who hate the very guts i have
and kinda hate me for not listening. sorry i guess

I'm getting a Budgie...and kinda came across this site once I decided to just come here and say hi. If anyone has a Budgie, any advice? I have basically looked at every new site and I'm about to get on a internet forum...not to argue tho.

If you don't know, after my cham died I did research for about another 10 months after. So I know some stuff still, but I don't plan to get another cham, not that it will die, but the work needed to sustain it. In a few years, I will most likely forget about it. If you don't use it, you lose it. If you don't know, I had a Betta fish who normally live for 1-2 years, live 2 3/4 of a year. Very precise right?

But it's a fish. So I'll let you figure that out.

Just want to say sorry for my ignorance. Don't get me wrong though, I don't regret everything I said. But for most of it though, it was ignorant.

If you don't know about any of my older threads, you can go look at through them if you want. If you never posted on them, I don't recommend posting on this thread.


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Make sure to not use dowel perches! They need a wide variety of perches for their feet otherwise they can develop arthritis.
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