So I was thinking about breeding my panther.

I have a male ambilobe about 2-3 months( too young I know) but I want to be ready if I decide to get a female and go for it. Any pointers?


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Wait until he is around a year or so old.

Start saving money slowly, and make a "baby cham fund".

Once you see his full adult colors, you can decide if you want to breed him and then use the money on the baby cham supplies.

My advice is wait and see if you love his colors to breed for color, or if you just want baby chams regardless, breed anyway
His dad is an awesome looking red bar but I'm mainly wondering about the process. Tricks and tips for the actual selection of a female and the whole shibang.
If you search the forum you will find plenty of info, and when the time come nd u run into a snag just post ur question. There are a great deal of wonderful and helpful people On here. Good luck with ur Lil guy.
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