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Hi there.

I had a Jackson's a few years ago until I came home from school one day to find the screen on his cage pushed in and a tuft of the cat's hair snagged on the edge of the screen.

Cat is gone, and Im looking to get another chameleon. Thought Id register here and read up a little before picking one up. I havent done too much reading/searching yet, but I was thinking of getting another Jackson's or maybe a Panther but as of now, Im not too picky about the specifics. I was planning on getting a "used" one on craigslist from someone that doesnt want it anymore and is willing to give their housing set-up & supplies along with the animal in the next few months.
You can also try reptile expos they have alot of wares cheaper than one would find in stores. Plus you can find if any other species interests you.
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