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As you may or may not know I am going out of the breeding business. I am still going to hatch out all my panther eggs over the next year or so ( I have one clutch that is now a healthy 1 month and looking great!), but am selling off all the adult housing supplies. I am giving my friends on the forums first shot before I list everything on Craigs list. I am NOT shipping anything. Sorry. I do not have the means to ship cages and will not ship bulbs.

The cages are all used with no holes. I did not own a mister so no holes in top. I used thread to attach vines. All cages are put together so if you dont have a vehicle that will fit them, bring a phillips screw driver to break them down. I have quite a few cages of various sizes (see list below. There are also some misc. sized ones.). One of the 2x2x4 is new. I put it together, but never used it. I always tape the big ones because they aren't very sturdy, so you will find the bottom taped, but no animal ever lived in it.

Brand new Reptisun bulbs in the box are available if you buy a cage. I liked the 10's because they gave off the proper outside UVB's, but I have both 10's and 5's. I have a simple fixture to go with the bulb if you need one. They will be free. If you want to buy the fancy kind, I have 1 or 2 of those and the price will be marked on it when you get here.

I also have 5 Nanos if you like frogs, like to put baby Jacksons in them (I used them for that or other creatures that liked damp, safe places to live. One is new, the other ones I had fixed ready to use. I can keep the layers in them or clean them out. I think the layering is still in 2.

I even have a couple of nice snake terrariums with the screen tops. I large with a nice wood under cabinet, 2 smaller ones. Etc., etc, etc. Anyway, Lots of stuff.

Cash only please. You know what everything looks like so I didn't post pictures, so no phone calls. If you want to come you can email me at [email protected] and I will send you my address. Friday and Saturday until noon will be the forums time. After that I will list it on Craig's List.

Well, this is what I have. I didn't count the bulbs, but they are all brand new...

Cages: lots of them
18x18x36 $40 2x2x4 (new) $75
16x16x30 $30 2x2x4 $20 (rusty, was used outside)

12x12x18 $40
12x12x12 $35
12x12x12 new $50
8x8x12 $25 have 2

Reptisun 5.0 $12
10.0 $18
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Big rain sale weekend

This Friday 5/3 (after 3:00 pm) Saturday and Sunday all items another 10% off. I must sell everything. Please come and check my inventory out! Great bargains on the cages and brand new in the box lights. Email me at [email protected] and I will send you my address. It is in west Boca Raton in the Glades/441 area.
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