Snodgrass is 4 months old now!


It's been pretty awesome having Snodgrass around the last month, we've been getting to know each other and he really is starting to warm up to me. In order to win him over I've been using a combination of hand feeding and allowing him to hunt. He will hunt crickets but doesn't seem too interested in taking them out of the tweezers but if I'm holding a Dubia he goes crazy so I use the dubias to get him to crawl out onto my arm. In the past I've put my hand in front of him and he may put one or two hands on my finger but he's never crawled out onto my hand on his own without having seen a roach first But today as soon as I put my hand out he ran onto it realized there wasn't a roach and then turned around and crawled back onto his branch. It's really cool to see the progress that I'm actually making with Snodgrass. He still gets weirded out about going outside we need to work through that.


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He is a beauty!! They change so much! I am looking forward to a Grimbold baby in the future! He's a handsome beast! :D
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