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I've always wanted a snake-- the problem is I like mice too much.

Does anyone know of a snake species that you don't have to feed mice to?

Maybe this is just a pipe dream- but I thought maybe there was some species that ate insects

also, I dont want anything big enough to eat my cat should it escape.

Does this fantasy snake exist?
Snakes are lovely.. is it the fact that you see the mice as cute and furry with their little twitchy noses? I feed my frozen/thawed.. the cuteness factor kinda disappears that way..

I am told vine snakes along with others will eat fish.. most species will also eat chicks and quail which are commercially available as feeders..
you could get a egg eater doesnt grow bigger than about 3-5ft and it only eats eggs one chicken egg a week about.
Garter Snakes

The ones I like that I see in my area are primarily avacodo green. The stripes have slight yellow around a pretty bold red streak. I see these guys in the Tennesse river all the time in the summer. These guys eat fish and frogs.

My brother-in-law kept some for a couple years. The way he caged them was not to different then some chameleon cages I have seen. He used a clear plastic tub at the bottom for water. The rest of the cage was built around the tub with wood and screening. I am not sure of real detailed information on how he took care of them. I know we went frog hunting for them some food before. He is pretty lazy so if it was to involved the snakes would have died.
ROUGH GREEN SNAKES only eat insect and they make great pets. they are the only snake i would recommend. they can reach 4ft but they are long and slender with a girth the size of regular size sharpie marker. i use to keep them in a community tank with treefrogs and green and brown anoles until it found its way out last summer and i haven't found one since. they are native in the united states
thanks kind of the snake i had in mind when i posted this.

I remember finding a green tree snake when I was kid that seemed to skinny to eat mice. I let it go though.

Garter snakes are cool , we have a bunch of those around here too. Kind of mean though, every time i catch one i end up getting bit. :mad: I wish I was swift like Steve Irwin.
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