Snails safe?


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i caught some snail. is it ok to feed to panther chamelon?


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I don't think so, but I'm not positive. But with as hard of a shell snails have I'd assume it would be WAY to hard for them to digest let alone chew. Also the snails may have a lot of parasites depending on where you found them.

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Dont feed them mustard melts them :(

Yes, youll want to breed them, have them lay eggs, get rid of those adults, hatch the eggs, breed those when full grown, and then those should be safe...

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Here's what I do.

Get a bin or aquarium and put some organic soil in the bottom. I mix in about 25 percent sand. Keep the soil moist. Put the largest snails in there and they will mate and lay eggs. I then remove the eggs to a new bin and discard the old snails when you're done with them. The babies will hatch in approximately two weeks. I feed mine romaine lettuce,carrots and such.

All my Chameleons LOVE snails.
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