Small quantity of bugs?


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I know that a varied diet is key to a chameleon's health. The only problem for me is that I only have one chameleon to feed, and I can't order 6 different types of bugs without wasting many and my money. I can't seem to find small enough portions of bugs online, like 25 wax worms, or 100 crickets. Does anyone have a source for buying small quantities of insects?
Also, what would be a healthy variety of insects? I was thinking, crickets, mealworms, superworms, and wax worms. Is 4 different types varied enough?
Your best bet would be to keep the insects alive and grow them yourself. Roaches are a good example as they have a longer lifespan than crickets. You could also keep silkworm eggs in the fridge and hatch a few out at a time as you see fit. Superworms will also pupate and turn into beetles after a while if you keep them individually.
Try Silkworm pods and Hornworm Pods. Butterworms last for 1-2 months in a fridge.

Small chameleons can be fed pheonix worms and the soldier flys they become. You buy them in stores in tiny cups.

Remember gutloading is just as important as the variety. Wax, butter and pheonix worms don't need gutload. Silks and hornworms eat special chow that is loaded with both natural food and added vitamines and minerals. Crickets and supers are easy to gutload with healthy foods.

Wild caught field bugs (use caution) can be very healthy and offer nutrients that no specifically bred reptile live feeder can offer. Lately, I have been on a sow bug collecting fad. I get about 100 every night. I'll have to make a colony soon if they start to build up.

I don't suggest kingworms or mealworms.
Collecting bugs would be fairly easy, I'm assuming, because there are ALOT of bugs here in Florida. :p I'm not positive that the community I live in doesn't use pesticides though...If, because of the pesticides, collecting bugs is out of the option, how can I supplement those extra nutrients to my cham's diet?
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