Small Cage Issues and bruising


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Pascal is eight months old. He pretty much has outgrown his cage. We are waiting for the petstore to get back to us about ordering him a larger one. I noticed he is getting small bruises on his head and face, I'm assuming its from lack of space... Anyone hear of this ? Does anybody know where I can purchase one online for Canada ????
what size is the cage and how old is your chameleon? How much does he weigh? I mean sometimes, age has nothing to do with size so he could be 6 months old but small. But yes, if he does not have enough room to move around he may be rubbing his face. They can wear their rostrals down from rubbing also. sorry I see is 8 months old!
18” x 18” x 24”" ... He was in the vet for a check in two months ago and she said he was "half a bar of soap" I can't rememer exactly but she said he has a great weight
You can use a larger bird cage (finch bar spread) in a pinch. Atleast he will have more room till you get the larger cage. Only issue is you will have to hand feed or cup feed. Twist tie sliding doors...
I am sure if you searched online there have to be places in Canada that sell screen cages. We have members on here that are from Canada too, so hopefully they will see this thread and respond.
For sure. He free rangers hours on day for now. I'm on EI so I have lots of time to let him roam around the big umbrella plants.
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