Small breeds of Chameleons?


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Hey guys, I've owned 3 beautiful Veiled Chameleons in the past and now would like to get another type. I loved the Veiled and now feel lost without a chameleon :(

I was now thinking about getting a smaller species. I remembered one of my veiled was huge! What are some of the smaller species I should look at? Thanks guys! I love reading this forum!
You might be interested in carpet chameleons. The stay fairly small, less than 6-8 inches. And its one of the few species where females are actually prettier than males. They are fairly easy to care for as well, just need a little higher humidty and lower basking temps than veilds.
According to, you can keep Bearded Pygmy Chameleons together? I've never heard of such a thing... They are cute though.
People do keep them in groups alot, usually not multiple males though. Just have to give them a good bit of room, granted they are small. An 18x18x24 exoterra would probably be a comfortable size for a trio. Bigger would always be better though.
What about female panther chameleons? I can't really find how big they grow. Also when you see a size, does that include the tail?
Furcifer lateralis and some of the Kinyongia species are good choices. The leaf chameleons are neat though they live mostly on the forest floor and would not require a tall enclosure.
Female panthers will max out around 120grams and 12-14 inches total length including the tail. Males can get up to 250grams and 24-26 inches.

If you see a measurement that has STV or SVL that means the length from snout to the vent, or start of the tail. If not specified it is probably total length tail included.
Pygmies are really small. But they require a very good environment. You sort of need to build a little world for them. I can see where that would be loads of fun, but I'm saving that adventure for after I'm retired from work and my daughter has moved out, giving me a "chameleon room".

If you just want something that can be in a smaller enclosure, then I agree with Carpets as a recommendation. There are small Fischer's (there are big Fischer's! make sure you know what you're getting).
If you want both pretty and small you can't beat a female carpet. Check some of (Dooley 1) threads. He breeds carpets and has some real beauties.
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