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hi just wondering what is going on here.. he poops everyday or every other day. but the last few days his poop is real oozzy then after hours if i let sit it will harden.. just seeing if anyone can tell if something is wrong with the slime poo? sorry about all the poos. maybe he is just well hydrated.


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well i feed my crickets collard greens, oranges, carrots, flukers high calcium cricket food, and they get water from the water gel.. and sometimes potatoes. should i cut back and give more dry foods or gutloads? i also have a dry gutload from zilla i do not use much
do u think the piece of orange that the worms were eating on maybe did it to his poo. he did eat the lil slice of orange along with his worms. but he only gets worms every other day.
I would think that would increase it. I think over hydrating is preferable to under hydrating any day. The poop in the pictures is actually good looking poop. I wouldn't be bothered by that at all. If the poop is just a blob with no shape, that might be a concern. You could take a sample to the vet for a parasite check, just to be on the safe side. You don't necessarily need a reptile vet for that. My "small mammal" vet doesn't handle reptiles but will run fecals on them for the cost of the lab work.
well thank you liz.. i was hoping it was good but have not seen him drink to much.. but them crickets sure are juicey lol. well i will just have to take a sample to the vet sometime then.. just to see the cost. O and today the poop was the same maybe even a bit more slimey but still had form under the goo. looks like a new born dog that just came out. Sorry just trying to explain a lil more. this is day three. but also found some nice white urate.
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