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My little baby panther is sleeping upside down on the top of his screened enclosure. Do you think that's okay for him to do all night? I'm afraid he'll fall off sometime in the middle of the night. So I was wondering if I should try and move him down to a branch before he falls off. What do you think??
My cham has not done this before but he once tried to sleep on the side of the enclosure so i took him and put him on a branch before he went to sleep.
Is this the first time hedoes this? If not i dont know what to tell you.
He looks kinda funny all spread eagle upside down in there. Guess he must know what he's doing. Crazy way to sleep though. :^)
I have had younger panthers do this as well... I guess they are little acrobats! He should be fine, but you can move him to a plant branch or vine if you want. He may just climb back up though :rolleyes: .
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