Sleeping Schedule?


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I have a 4 month old Fischer's Chameleon, Hes healthy as can be and im very happy with him, I was just wondering what time he should be going to sleep. His cage is in my room and I stay up quite late, so what I do is I turn his UV light off and drape a sheet over his cage and he always goes to sleep with no problems when I do this. My question is around what time should I put my little buddy to bed?
Unless your room is really bright, you should just be able to turn off his cage lights and he should go to sleep.
With it being winter I turn my light on at about 7:30 and off at about 6:00 when it starts getting dark. In the summer I turn them on at about the same time and off at about 7:30 if that answers your question more!
if you stay up late and wake up late adjust the time to your schedule. turn their lights on at 10 and off at 8ish. just my suggestion
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