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My Jackson's usually sleeps on one of his wooden dowel perches but the past two nights he has chosen to sleep on the cage screen. Anyone else ever get this behavior?
Mt veiled sleeps in the corner of his cage - either on his branches or on the screen - I think for him it depends how cold he is as I have an external heater for him at night - but he does switch his sleeping place up a bit every now and again
a few days after having Zulu in his home...(4-5 months ago)


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Me too, I always wonder how they don't just relax so much that they fall off.

Its something ive been meaning to look into (I study veterinary anatomy) but havent had time to yet - although am expecting my birthday present from myself any day now - a chameleon anatomy book :D

They must have some kind of passive apparatus which allows them to stay on branches while asleep - much like birds can, or how horses sleep standing up - I shall endeavour to look into it - when I don't have quite so many assignments to do!
I see my cham hang upside from his cage all the time but I have yet to see him sleeping upside down. Interesting indeed. :p
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