Sleeping Giant


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Lloyd Heilbrunn said....My estimate was over 2 1/2 feet, nose to tail tip...Thanks! I thought it might be the huge morph! I had one a long time ago and it was awesome!

I'd love to see pictures of your too!

Eriksorg...yours are nice too!


Are Oustalets has hardy has Panthers and Veiled?
In my opnion,and I am VERY biased of them.They are as hardy, some what easy going,and easy to care for! But on the down side, The males get large,eat and poop alot, and not as colorful as some other chams. But I like-um. I would call them the St.Bernard of the chameleon world!!!!!!


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look at this, i found that huge guy in Madagascar. The head is big as my fist.
Wow! once I feel i have had success with my current ambilobe, i will truly be looking into a possible oustalet if I can find a CB here.


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Dang! Is it just me or is it very rare to have a locale/morph attached to these WC animals? What are the general differences anyways?
My friend decided unexpectedly to give me the big guy.:)

So for those who wanted a pic showing his size I took some before putting him in his temp housing(no one freak out, I intend to get him a big Reptarium soon).

I think I was a bit large in my size estimate, he looks around 2 foot not 2 1/2.

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