SIZZLIN' Ambanja!!


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Meet Spiderman...this guy is on fire!!:D:eek:


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Ooo beautiful! Man, there are some beautiful Ambanjas on this forum now more than ever. It's making me a little jealous!


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Does this mean you plan to keep this one? I noticed in the classifieds that you normally sale them shortly after you get them. :(
Yep, this guys a keeper!! I had to explain this to Sang from Komeleons as well. I don't have enough room to keep all the panther chams I get. The room I do have is occupied by females that I have bred or plan to breed. I purchase males to breed to my females and then pass them along. They are VERY well cared for while in my care. I live in a BIG city with LOTS of pet stores and I wholesale my baby panthers to a few of these stores. If you notice you NEVER see ANY females or babies up for sale by me...only males!!
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