Sizes for a veilds

It depends on the genes and the sex of the chameleon. Males would be about 15 to 24" in length and females quite a bit shorter (maybe 12 to 17"). There are exceptions to both.
we got of a person that had no info on the chameleon that we got as in age even where she came from the snout to vent length is arrox 4 inches just trying to get som idea of her age its a female vield chameleon by the way.theres a photo of her in my gallery if you need to see a photo.
Well the problem there is that they grow at different rate. No real stable numbers like that to guess age. A 4" s/v is probably in the 2-4 month range. Sorry I know that does not really help. It is a good sized veiled to start out with though.
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