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I have a baby veiled right now in a 30 gallon long. the tank is layed down horiztal right now but when she grows up can i jus stand up the tank?
its 36" long so the it will be 36" high it that ok?
An aquarium is not a great home for most chameleon species. Unless your veiled is very young, it probably isn't a great home for her right now. A veiled really needs to be kept in a screened cage. That way, the cage gets air exchange and bacteria doesn't grow as easily. Chameleons are susceptible to upper respiratory infections, and one of the main causes is a lack of ventilation. Plus, some chameleons get stressed over their own reflections. An aquarium is really hard to offer a heat gradient in also. The basking light tends to heat the entire thing to the same temp, usually very warm. A 36" tall screened cage is a good size for a female veiled, but she would probably like a taller one even more. If money is a concern, reptariums are inexpensive and lots of folks like them.

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