Sirama confused for ambanja

Why do a lot of people who clearly have a sirama locale panther call them ambanjas?
It kind of drives me crazy

Or they call a cap est a tamatave

Or an ambato a nosy faly


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Maybe because not everyone is well educated on the different locales? It could also be because they were told something different from the breeder. I know nothing about any of what you just said so I will just call them chameleons and let someone who knows what they are talking about do it for me. *lol* I am trying learn though, I promise not to drive you crazy.

(After reading this entry a few times before sending I realized that it sounds a tad sarcastic and that is not my intent at all. I am more than willing to learn terms, names, locales, species from anyone that has time to teach me!)
Yeah I feel like ALOT OF ambanjas aren't really that locale. It seems like there are about 6 different locales confused to be them and I just don't get how people dislike "unclean" bloodlines but they can't even properly name the locale of their panther. Obviously I've never been to Madagascar and studied them in the wild but when people who have gave specific locales for their markings and color it is for a reason


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My chameleon was sold to me as an ambanja and he is clearly a sambava. We are totally happy with him, but his color development was a surprise.


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Blood lines get crossed a lot and most people just keep calling their cham the locale they were told they had purchased in the beginning no matter what it looks like once mature. I do find it ironic that the person complaining about locale is holding a veiled in their avatar :D

For the most part Sirama is considered part of Ambilobe. Ambato is normally lumped in with Ambanja and not Nosy Faly. Often times Nosy Be is confused with Nosy Faly. Basically anytime a Nosy Be has red people think it is Faly.


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The locales you listed really dont look similar, at all to be honest..... BUT, many locales are not accepted stateside as they are elsewhere. Which is upsetting to me personally, but part of that is probably due to the way we receive imports. Most are unlabled, or not reliably labled.
That's my point. They don't look alike and people still call them the same thing.
As for me having a veiled in my picture doesn't mean anything. That's just my first chameleon and he's my baby, I also own a panther. Regardless of what I own I still have researched chameleons for the past 5 years and have thoroughly educated myself as well as I could on various subjects.
On another note:
I saw someone call a very obvious ambanja an ambilobe which is what sparked my interest in posting a thread. I do not mean to say I'm more knowledgeable than others in this field I merely wanted a friendly open debate on the subject. I feel I can take a lot from others knowledge/ point of view
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